Leadership Coaching

As a Leadership Coach what do I offer?

I help you solve problems that you aren’t sure how to solve.

However, as a coach I don’t take on the classic role of a mentor. A mentor has gained life experience in situations similar to what  you are presently in. Mentors are awesome. Mentors are sometimes difficult to find. Not everyone has gone through what you are presently facing.

Here is how I differ. Instead of providing you with a course of action to follow based on my experience, I ask you the kind of questions that will get you thinking deeply about the issue(s) at hand. As we explore options together I also guide you towards the decision(s) you believe you need to make and act on.

The role of a coach doesn’t stop there. As we work together I become your greatest cheerleader to support and encourage you to take the action steps you know you must take to move forward.

And, in moving forward, as you encounter new sets of problems I continue to coach you through those problems in like fashion.

Ultimately the goal is for you to become a much clearer thinker and problem solver because of the skills you will learn from having a coaching relationship.




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